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Garage Door Springs


Many people are intimated by the force of extension springs and the truth is that all springs can be very dangerous if they are not maintained on time or be handled by people who don’t know what to do. Springs are the parts, which hold the door in the right position and level and ensure its proper lifting. Garage Door Springs Coquitlam knows the right procedures for efficient repairs and can maintain springs in excellent condition for many years.

Garage Door SpringsIn spite of the fact that many residents of Coquitlam work in different parts of British Columbia, there are many employment options lately within the confinements of the city with the development of many businesses. People also have the chance to enjoy over 80 parks and open spaces and it is really annoying returning home to a broken torsion spring after a full and tiring day.

The truth is that springs can also be very dangerous and that’s why the technicians of Garage Door Springs Coquitlam suggest frequent maintenance and inspection of their condition. When springs do not work properly, there is no room for postponements and spring repair must take place right away with the proper repair parts and tools.

Their possible threat to your life and their extremely usefulness to the good operation of the door keep our technicians alert for any related problems 24/7. We can fix garage door spring problems and make the necessary replacements and we won’t leave the premises until we ensure that the mechanism works properly and safely.

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